Conference 2016

7 Oct 2016

Craft Scotland

Kate Pickering - Vanilla Ink - Craft Scotland Conference 2016  Workshops

Kate Pickering

Kate Pickering founded Vanilla Ink in 2009, with the goal of bridging the gap from education into industry. Knowing it can be difficult to find your place within the ever-changing landscape; Kate developed Vanilla Ink, a programme designed to support and promote jewellers during the early stages of their careers. 

Her love for jewellery and enabling others to create led her to design jewellery classes for everyone; from complete beginners to advanced jewellers. It was within this space that CARVE was born: taking jewellery making on the road and popping up in beautiful spaces making the class accessible on many different levels. Kate will introduce her workshop with a discussion about why CARVE was created and what it is doing for the jewellery industry.

Morven Mulgrew  - Craft Scotland Conference Workshop

Morven Mulgrew

Morven Mulgrew is a sculptor, performer and designer based in London. She is interested in the body, absurdity, stupidity, armour, humour, skin, clothing, abstraction, distraction and DIY.

Morven graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a degree in Sculpture (2004), from Cordwainer's College as a Shoemaker (2007) and Ecole de Theatre de Jacques Lecoq (LEM programme 2012). She has performed at Buzzcut Festival, Colchester Arts Centre and Creative Edinburgh at the Roxy Assembly.  She was recently awarded the A-N collaborator's bursary with Jess Akerman, and is currently a performer, maker and workshop facilitator with Rebecca Davies' The Oasis Social Club project. 


Joanna Susskind - All The Young Nudes - Craft Scotland Conference 2016 Workshop

Joanna Susskind

All The Young Nudes’ Founder Joanna Susskind was once told in a traditional life drawing class that she was doing it “wrong”. This really rubbed against her view that there is no right or wrong when it comes to expressing yourself.

Her tutor's words inspired her to set up something different: it’s now eight years on and ATYN hosts five drawing sessions a week across Scotland.


Image coming soon Profile

Naomi McIntosh

Naomi McIntosh is a designer and maker with an architectural background. She is interested in how objects relate to the body. She manipulates surfaces to create sculptural objects. She thinks of the pieces as works that are ‘Wearable Drawings’ and uses planes and lines to suggest forms and capture volumes, transforming 2D surfaces into 3D objects. With precise geometry, her pieces investigate how volumes, patterns, planes and forms are seen.

A theme of Naomi’s design practice is to use repetition to create sculptural, three-dimensional objects. Working in paper to make structures is an important starting point for this work, and she produces objects in different scales, from jewellery to installations (including the Hirta structure). 


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