Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

20 Mar 2020 - 31 Dec 2021

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Following the Scottish Government’s Framework for Decision Making (published April 2020) and subsequent strategy, our Director joined weekly calls and briefings with Creative Scotland, the Scottish Government and other sector organisations. This allowed us to feed in makers’ perspectives and highlight the Scottish craft sector's needs and lobby the Scottish government on behalf of makers in Scotland using data and insights gathered from our surveys, particularly around the gaps in financial support. 

We also wrote to the Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Fair Work and Culture, to highlight the precarious nature of the craft infrastructure and highlight the value of craft to Scotland’s social and economic wellbeing. 


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Financial Support Toolkit and 1:1 Maker support

April – June 2020

In response to the complicated financial support and funding landscape available, we hosted a webinar on financial support, offered 1:1 maker-sessions with Hollis Accounting Ltd., and created a comprehensive Financial Support Toolkit (opens PDF) showing all types of funding and eligibility. 

In April 2020 we also offered 1:1 Maker Support with Chartered Accountant Margaret Leeming at Hollis Accounting Ltd. This allowed makers to discuss their specific circumstances and receive financial advice about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) support that they were potentially eligible for. 


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Communication & Digital

We published A Maker’s Guide to Coronavirus on Friday 13 March 2020. This initial guide provided an overview of helpful links, resources and support for makers and craft organisations during the initial lockdown. After June 2020, we moved communications around resources and support relating to the pandemic to our Craft Community listings, monthly opportunities newsletter and flash newsletters, to provide more responsive and up to date information on newly launched support and funding available as they were released.  

We created a three-part Craft Journal series Making in Lockdown featuring nine makers sharing their lockdown stories during this pandemic. We also continued to publish topical guides and sector news relating to the pandemic and the Scottish Government’s Route map through and out of the crisis, including both lockdown and post-lockdown guidance for Creative Studios & Workshops. 


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Sector research

May 2020

Following the first lockdown in the Spring of 2020, we issued two Impact Surveys to makers and curators/organisations to evaluate the economic impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on Scotland’s makers and the craft infrastructure.  

In May 2020 we also held an Open Forum with weaver Cally Booker, bringing together makers, craft organisations and curators in an online space to connect and share experiences. 

Read the Impact Survey for Makers (opens PDF) and the Impact Survey for Craft Venues, Studios and Curators (opens PDF). 


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Craft Week Scotland 2020

9 – 15 November 2020

Craft Week Scotland highlighted the vibrant Scottish craft sector in the run up to Christmas 2020. This celebration took place in-person and online across Scotland from Monday 9 - Sunday 15 November 2020. 

Craft Week Scotland provided makers and craft destinations with a platform to share works and events with craft enthusiasts across Scotland and beyond. Over 40 Associated Events were listed on our popular What's On section, and craft enthusiasts could also join the conversation on our social media channels with #CraftWeekScotland. We also hosted a series of online talks exploring the current social themes behind contemporary craft. 

Learn more about Craft Week Scotland 2020


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Craft & Cultural Conversations 2021: Craft & Community

23 September – 28 October 2021

The Craft & Cultural Conversations programme was curated by Dr Catharine Rossi on the theme of Craft and community, and explored social themes including isolation, inequality, digital access and the craft economy. 

Originally planned as part of the Craft Scotland Conference, and postponed due to the pandemic, this programme presented a vibrant mix of online talks and panel discussions, with keynotes from Professor Daniel Charny and Namita Gupta Wiggers. 

Discover Craft & Cultural Conversations 2021


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Resilience Programme

April to December 2021

The Resilience Programme was a mentoring initiative led by Applied Arts Scotland and Craft Scotland designed to help makers based in Scotland navigate the particularly challenging circumstances resulting from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The Resilience Programme was supported by Creative Scotland. 

The Resilience Programme had two strands: Peer-to-Peer Co-Mentoring and Mentor/Mentee. Makers could choose which mentoring model best supports their needs and make one application to the strand that fitted their needs. 

Read the full programme


Image: Planning for Craft Toolkit, Tom Pigeon

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