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Jorum Craft Award 2021

Closing date: 19 Jan 2021

Florence Dwyer / Photography by Matthew Barnes

Round 2 of the Jorum Craft Award is now open for applications. This award provides funding to assist with development of a maker’s creative practice.

The Jorum Craft Award (£500) provides funding to assist with development of a maker’s creative practice, including but not limited to research and development of a new piece of work, project or collection. The Jorum Craft Award is supported by Jorum Studio, in association with Craft Scotland. 

Jorum Studio is a Scottish perfumer established 2010 - creating perfumes conceived of the head, nurtured with heart, crafted by hand.  

Previous winners of the Jorum Craft Award 2020 were Florence Dwyer (£500) and Stephen Kavanagh (£250). Discover their work on the Jorum Craft Award project page.

Learn more about Jorum Studio’s with our Craft Journal interview with founders Chloe and Euan


Award details  

  • £500 to assist with the development of your creative practice  

Award requirements  

  • One applicant will be successful per round  

  • Complete a digital sketchbook (images, writing, drawing etc.) documenting the creative process over a 6-12 month period (activity to be agreed with Jorum on selection)  

  • Provide feedback to Craft Scotland on how the award has helped you develop your creative practice (6-12 months after) 



  • Professional makers, living and working in Scotland  

  • Makers should be working in one or more of Craft Scotland’s eligible disciplines

  • All work should be the design of the maker and made by the maker (or small-batch production under their direct supervision)  

  • All work must reflect excellence and the unique vision of its maker, be well-conceived and skilfully made 

  • Previous Jorum Craft Award applicants are welcome to reapply  


If you have any questions about the Jorum Craft Award please contact the Craft Scotland team: hello@craftscotland.org.  


Deadline:  5pm, Tuesday 19 January 2021


Across Scotland

Closing Date & Time:
19 Jan 2021 5:00pm
Key Contact:
Craft Scotland [javascript protected email address] Apply now

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