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Handcrafted Christmas: The Craft Scotland Team Gift Guide



That most wonderful time of the year is drawing closer and the Craft Scotland team is starting to get into the festive spirit. We’re a small team of passionate staff who work to unite, inspire and champion craft, and Christmas is a perfect time to support local makers by purchasing thoughtful handmade gifts.

We’ve selected our favourite items for giving and receiving this Christmas, so read on to find out what we chose and get to the know the friendly faces behind Craft Scotland. 

Irene Kernan, Director

Irene's gift pick: Kate Trouw Wiggle Earrings

Why this particular item? These earrings are like all of Kate’s work - colourful yet subtle. The texture of her jewellery is really satisfying to the touch as well as being designed with a sense of fun. 

Kate Trouw Wiggle Earrings

Shop Kate Trouw Wiggle Earrings £35 / Photography by Susan Castillo

Kerstie Barr, Office Manager 

Kerstie's gift pick: Beth Lamont Grey Bar Necklace

Why this particular item? I love Beth's clean lines and wearable pieces. Her distinctive designs are becoming modern classic and I would wear this piece every day. 

Beth Lamont Grey Bar Necklace

Shop Beth Lamont Grey Bar Necklace £60 / Photography by Beth Lamont

Jen Coulshed, Marketing Coordinator

Jen's gift pick: Jude Gove Manon Cross Body Bag 

Why this particular item?  Jude always selects such beautiful colour combinations and this cross-body bag is no exception. I also love that it's handcrafted and designed to be durable and practical, so it will last a lifetime.

 Jude Gove Manon Cross Body Bag

Shop Jude Gove Manon Cross Body Bag £70 / Photography by Helen MacDonald

Allyson Gee, Project Officer 

Allyson's gift pick: Akvile Su U Shape Pendant

Why this particular item? I love the simple minimal design of Akvile Su’s U Shape Pendant. The fact that it’s made from Ecosilver which is produced from 100% recycled silver makes it even better. 

Akvile Su U Shape Pendant

Shop Akvile Su U Shape Pendant £110 / Photography by Bethany Grace

Veronique AA Lapeyre, Marketing Manager

Veronique's gift pick: Niki Fulton Moss Silk Neckerchief

Why this particular item?  I love the ombre effect from rich kingfisher blue to deep moss green. I’ve been wearing neckerchiefs for years – tied casually around your neck, around the wrist or even your bag – they add a certain playfulness to any outfit. 

Niki Fulton Moss Silk Neckerchief

Shop Niki Fulton Moss Silk Neckerchief £48 / Photography by Susan Castillo

Tanwen Llewelyn, Outreach & Engagement Officer 

Tanwen's gift pick: Myer Halliday Tray

Why this particular item? I absolutely love this tray! It’s such a fantastic piece to have on show in your home. I’ve also admired Myer’s work for many years both for his technical abilities and for his contemporary designs. 

Myer Halliday Tray

Shop Myer Halliday Tray from £50 / Photography by Greenshoots

Jo Scott, Project Manager 

Jo's gift pick: Heather Shields Harbour Puzzle Cushion

Why this particular item? I really like the simple yet striking design as well as Heather’s inspiration and colour palette. I also remember seeing one of Heather’s original prototypes of the cushion at one of the Hothouse sessions and it’s great to see how the piece has developed. I actually own one and the contemporary design looks great on my Ercol rocking chair.

Heather Shields Harbour Puzzle Cushion

Heather Shields Harbour Puzzle Cushion £75 / Photography by Susan Castillo

Siobhan Scott, Marketing Assistant 

Siobhan's gift pick: Ruth Leslie Nook Ring

Why this particular item? This is the perfect ring for everyday wear and I love that it is minimal and contemporary while the unique shape makes it stand out. I spend a lot of time drawing in my studio, so it’s great to find a ring that is comfortable and would work well with my personal style. 

Ruth Leslie Nook Ring

Shop Ruth Leslie Nook Ring £45 / Photography by Katariina Yli-Malmi

Kristian Smith, Project Coordinator 

Kristian's gift pick: Little Axe Endangered Animals Tea Towel

Why this particular item? The print draws our attention to wildlife which is disappearing from our environment and I feel everyone needs to be reminded of our fragile relationship with nature. 

Little Axe Endangered Animals Tea Towel

Shop Little Axe Endangered Animals Tea Towel £12 / Photography by Little Axe


Give carefully crafted gifts this festive season, available online from Scotland's independent designer/makers.

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