COMPASS: Emerging Maker Programme 2019

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Discover more about our new learning and development strand, COMPASS: Emerging Maker Programme 2019 and the talented makers taking part.


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COMPASS is Craft Scotland’s learning and development programme created specifically for makers. The inaugural COMPASS: Emerging Maker Programme runs from March to October 2019, with a dedicated cohort of makers in the early stages of their craft career. They are working through the programme together. 

COMPASS: Emerging Maker Programme offers a unique mix of active learning, mentoring and specialist advice. The programme will take a practical approach through a series of three one-day workshops, an immersive Five-day COMPASS Residential, one-to-one sessions, work critiques, and a follow-up True North Overnight Session.

It will offer fundamental business skills and training to support craft businesses through the crucial early stages of development. Each maker will be matched with a mentor to provide tailored advice.

This programme was developed together with Elaine Furnivall, Managing Director and Founder of Aviour and a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with over 20 years’ experience in personal and organisational development and executive coaching. 

Craft Scotland was delighted to partner with Scottish Potters Association (SPA) to offer one talented ceramicist a place on the COMPASS: Emerging Maker programme, as part of the SPA Bursary Award - Natalie J Wood will join the cohort for 2019.


COMPASS is Scotland’s route to a flourishing craft sector.  

Craft Scotland’s dynamic learning and development programme, COMPASS, delivers tailored support for the craft sector. We want to support craft talent and equip individuals with the necessary skills to create a thriving creative and business practice. COMPASS approaches learning and development holistically exploring values and self-development topics alongside business subjects such as finance and marketing.  

Originally launched in 2018 to focus on makers, COMPASS has since expanded to also provide support for curators and craft professionals. It is a continuously evolving programme of support responding to the unique needs of the community, informed by industry experts and feedback from the sector.  

Current activity includes our year-long flagship Emerging Maker programme and pilot project Emerging Curatorial programme. 

Previous COMPASS activities have included free webinars, industry networking sessions, bursaries for established makers to develop their practice and for graduates effected by the pandemic, and residencies for Next Generation makers.  

The COMPASS: Emerging Maker Programme 2019 was supported by the William Grant Foundation, Creative Scotland and Scottish Potters Association. 


"I attended Craft Scotland's recent Marketing and PR workshop as part of the Compass programme and found it to be extremely valuable. The individual speakers each brought an alternative perspective and, using practical examples from their own experience, really demonstrated how to apply their advice to my own business. A great start to an exciting programme ahead"

Jonathan Pang, Furniture Maker

"Mandy Bagot - she was very helpful and clear when answering specific questions regarding accounts and keeping track of your books. I think many makers struggle with this part of running a business, and it's great to know that you're on the right track or have access to tools which will help you." Attendee at the COMPASS: Finance & Funding Workshop

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